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We know that the path of conscious partnership is a vulnerable and sometimes lonely one. 

It's not easy to look within ourselves and interrupt the patterns that have us triggered and frustrated. 

But once we get a taste of shedding those layers and connecting with our partner in our raw, authentic form - even for a moment - there's no turning back.

We work with individuals who are walking this path, yet may not know how to make this electric and safe container a daily occurrence.

We'd be honored to help you in this journey. We provide a powerful and loving mirror for your greatness to come forward and that dream partnership to be born. It's not easy, but it is simple. 

And our promise is that by the completion of our program, you will be falling in love with your partner (and yourself) on a daily basis.

Notice what this is bringing up for you. And let your curiosity guide you...

What We Offer


With group coaching, you get to be witnessed by others as you grow. There’s something magical about listening for each other’s greatness. And it’s always reassuring to remember you’re not alone.


The special thing about individual coaching is that you get the opportunity to course correct over and over again. By working closely with us and having this time solely devoted to you, you can really hone in on your work.


Maybe you just want it all? Why limit yourself? You’ll have both the reflective container of the group and the individualized coaching to integrate it. This allows you to move quickly through what’s been in your way.

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Fired up and ready to do the work?

Book Your Free Clarity Call!

We work with individuals who are practicing conscious partnership, (whatever that may mean to you) and who are ready to take themselves on.

The best way to get started is speaking to us directly, so find a time that works for you on the schedule just over yonder, and we'll meet you there!

We're looking forward to seeing how we can help you and your relationship flourish!!

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