Falling In Love Is Easy

staying in love takes courage
So then how do you keep the love alive without falling into the ruts of old patterns? 

First you need to become aware that those old patterns are running the show. 

And spotting them is no small task because many of them have been in the driver seat for generations!

This is the journey of ancestral healing at its core.

This is the work of the Love Warrior. 

And conscious partnership catapults this work to the next level. 

This is because being in a relationship is like constantly looking in the mirror (if we choose to look). 

Our partners reflect both our light and our shadows. They trigger us and support us. 

When we use this container intentionally then we are not only removing these patterns, but we are freeing future generations from having to carry them forward.

And we've found that you can't go through this level of transformation alongside your partner without blowing your heart open!!!! 

You Will Fall In Love With Your Partner On a Daily Basis

Why People Work With Us

  • On meeting CJ and Kelsey, the immediate warmth, love, generosity, and openness they both bring was just beautiful. The laughter and tears we shared, and the coziness I feel when I’m with the two of them, makes it easy to be in their company. It’s heartwarming, it’s compassionate, and it’s not often you come across a couple like this. You can see the amount of work they have done with each other; it’s so giving without compromising themselves, which is not something that’s easy to do. The generosity and love they show towards each other is stunning. I would not hesitate for anybody to work with them.
    Nicci and Rob - 47 & 56
    Engaged Couple - UK
  • Kelsey and CJ have an amazing level of awareness and perspective on relationships from their long journey of self exploration and co-discovery. Their outlook on these things inspires my own reflection and growth in a way that I feel ownership and excitement about this work, rather than seeing it as a chore. I actively seek out the opportunity to run ideas past them and look forward to the new ideas I gain in return through their feedback and fresh perspective. My connections to the two of them are some of my most valued relationships because of this authenticity and I consider it a privilege to have them in my life.
    Julia H. - 28
    Biogeochemist and Environmental Educator - BC, Canada
  • Kelsey and CJ are masters of creating relationships that are designed to thrive amidst the challenges of the post-modern era. In a time when culture is questioning what it means to have relationship and commitment, these two have redefined how to build meaningful, creative, passionate bonds between empowered individuals. It is with compassion and grace that they invite others to discover what it means to share and love a life with another.
    Dane O. - 33
    Trauma ICU Nurse - OR, USA
  • Kelsey and CJ are extraordinary people. They allow the expression of genuine feelings and curiosity in a safe and amiable way. Their ability to break boundaries and explore true potentials and individuality is ultimately refreshing, reassuring and reminding of what it is to be human and part of this universe.
    Justin L. - 29
    Agricultural Educator - HI, USA
  • Kelsey and CJ’s love is an ever expanding universe where it is always golden hour. What I mean by this is that through years of commitment to their own and each other’s spiritual growth, the Vashutahs are able to hold space for others in a way that I have never experienced elsewhere. When I spend time with CJ and Kelsey, I leave feeling seen, heard, and full of courage to love fiercely.
    Julia C. - 28
    Wilderness Instructor - TX, USA

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